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Grief Counseling

Grief is a natural reaction and a normal reaction to a loss or change of any kind. Grief is a reflection of a connection that's been loss, because everyone is connected to people places or things.  Counseling will assist individuals in understanding that you may experience all kinds of difficult emotions and it may feel like the pain and sadness you're experiencing will never let up. These are normal reactions to a significant loss. But while  there is no right or wrong way to grieve, there  are healthy ways to cope with the pain that, in time, can renew you a permit you to move on.

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Individual Therapy  
To stay in balance, an individual must make occasional adjustments. Individuals Therapy at Lotts of Love Counseling encourages individuals to examine personal experiences, thoughts, behaviors, and feelings which may be undermining their own happiness. Through Individual Therapy, Lotts of Love Counseling helps individuals to identify their problems, break them into manageable parts, and tackle the issues thoroughly and consistently. Individual Therapy can also help individuals find ways to enhance their personal support system and improve relationships with themselves.


L.A.M.A.R.Ⓒ Coping Board

Grief and Loss is an universal experience. We all have faced loss in some way, whether it is the loss of a pet, job, independence or a relationship. The L.A.M.A.R.Ⓒ Coping Board is an evidenced based therapeutic tool that I developed for individuals who have experienced some form of grief and loss. During the coping board experience, individuals are able to acknowledge their grief and loss while identifying healthy coping skills to enhance self care.  Thereby, learning these coping skills and being able to apply them will be critical to ones self growth, personal and professional development.



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"Ms. Tracey helped me not only to articulate my feelings, but also to cope with my grief, and share with others how to care for me as I navigated through the stages of the grief process. I was given freedom and relief from the guilt that I had placed on myself for not being able to “protect” my son from his fate and permission to be strong enough to be vulnerable in my angst."

Testimonial - C.T.  

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